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From: "Patrick O'Leary" <poleary@cecom.com>
Subject: (whorl) Re: Pig & Nettle & Seawrack & Horn
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 09:58:23 

Pig as Godling:

Yes, the reference to "ears" and "claws" is probably the best  evidence I've seen.
Good fishing! Yet, for me, it still doesn't ring true. I guess I'd believe it if
I saw Pig fulfilling the function of a godling--for aren't they just clarions
for the gods of mainframe? "Leave the Whorl!" or "Stay on The whorl!"
It's not a question of size. Yes, the text says they come in extra large and large
But compare the character/behavior of the one definitive godling that we know
and the character of Pig--and I see a chasm unbridgeable by ears or size.
Can anyone help me with this?

Seawrack's and Nettle's motivation:

Perhaps it *is* somewhat mysterious why Nettle and Seawrack
choose to return to the whorl with Silk/Horn. But is it really so difficult to
that they would want to remain as close as possible to whatever remnant of their
they could cling to? And, really, who can resist Silk? Robert Borski's summary
of Seawrack's story really misses the point: Seawrack and Horn were in love.
As were Nettle and Horn. Still, the way I read the ending is: Silk will become
Seawrack's mate. Remember the way Horn is haunted by the mermaid's song?
And how he sometimes substitutes/misnames "Hyacinth" for "Seawrack."

Horn Lives:

Ok, Horn does indeed exist somehow in Silk at the end. Alga's comment on
Wolfe's PC model of possession is very sound, I think. But I love the irony:
We think we've been reading a book written by Horn denying he is Silk.
And, really, it is a book written by Silk denying he is Silk.

The Trial in Dorp:

Very few comments about this episode. Any thoughts?

Patrick O'Leary

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