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From: Jason Ingram <jingram@usc.edu>
Subject: (whorl) new member (*spoilers*)
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 01:35:47 

(There are some minor *spoilers* below.)

Hello, I'm new to this list and wanted to introduce myself.  I've 
managed to work through the most recent archive, and so will limit 
myself to a couple of simple questions until I've been able to scour 
the rest.

--The second ring, the one Oreb brings to "Horn" in RTW, changes in 
form.  I didn't know quite what to make of that, and would be 
interested in others' views.  The fact that the ring changes would 
seem to possess minor significance, but I'm not sure what that might 

--I was curious about mixed references to "Horn's" eye(s) in earlier 
volumes; based on RTW I hypothesize the following: "Horn" gives an 
eye to Pig, returns to Blue, and functions with one eye at times, and 
either uses or wears the mechanical eye that he later gives to 
Maytera Marble at other times.  Have I missed something here?

One fact I unearthed in researching hyacinth: the plant can be used 
as Pig fodder.  (apropos of the Who song, it is also called 'water 

Incidentally, I can see only an ironic reference--regarding 
hyacinth--to TSEliot's _The Waste Land_, in that the scene in the 
hyacinth garden references paralysis and failed communication. 
However,  some interpreters have argued the opposite.

The theme of mixing memory and desire is another matter.

Happy to have found the list,

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