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From: "Kevin J. Maroney" <kmaroney@ungames.com>
Subject: RE: (whorl) the problem with de-evolution
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 14:51:46 

At 11:03 AM 4/25/01 -0700, Blattid wrote:
>(As a side note, how many people are _actually_ attacked by alligators 
>and the like in a given year? I presume that proper precautions could 
>make the threat from non-sentient inhumi no greater than that from 

My understanding is that the number of human attacks from crocodilians is
very low. They're much like wolves that way--feared as human predators all
out of proportion to the actual danger they present. Which isn't to say
that they can't sometimes be very dangerous, indeed. 

Wombat, a.k.a. Kevin Maroney kmaroney@ungames.com
Kitchen Staff Supervisor, New York Review of Science Fiction

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