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From: Rory McIntyre <76450.2177@compuserve.com>
Subject: (urth) Good Headcheese
Date: 23 Jul 97 14:59:30 EDT

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RE:	Good Headcheese

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From: Kurt Schroeder <kurts@infinet.com>
To: Rory McIntyre <76450.2177@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Good Headcheese
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I spoke with LF, the crazed headhunter, basically thanking her for her 
time and saying indirectly that I fucked up and I should take the damn 
job, she's looking into that possibility.  

Anyway, she said that even though she represents sterling, she can help 
you if you call her first.  Give her a call.  Janice Stevens 846-0926 the 
company is michael thomas inc.  She's pretty damn good at finding jobs in 
this town.

I played real hardball with salary and vacation time and if I still can 
get this job it will pay off.  If I can't get it, well it showed I 
could.  Fuck you if that doesn't make sense.

sock it...to me?

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