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From: Scott Dalrymple <ScottD@wycol.com>
Subject: Re: (urth) Soldier Series
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 16:09:21 

[Posted from URTH, a mailing list about Gene Wolfe's New Sun and other works]

>In spite of my confusion (part of which is faulty memory), I think the
>Soldier books are my favorite of all Wolfe's work.

I have to admit that I had trouble with the Soldier books the first time
through.  I always knew that Wolfe was smarter than me, but here some
things seemed so far over my head that I found it frustrating reading.
Then I found an unabridged cassette recording of _Soldier of the Mist_.
Hearing that read to me well *really* increased my appreciation (and
understanding) of the book.  BTW, I think the company that made the tapes
was The Listening Ear, and I also thonk they're defunct now.  I found a
copy at the Rochester (NY) Public Library.

On another note: I recently saw a CD-ROM game called City of Lost Children.
 Does anyone know if it has anything to do with the movie that's been
mentioned here (and which I have yet to find)?

Scott Dalrymple

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