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From: "Joshua A. Solomon" <j.solomon@ucl.ac.uk>
Subject: Re: (urth) Peace of Cat
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 10:52:46 +0100

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William H. Ansley wrote:
> I remember reading a story called "The Friendship Light" in F&SF
> quite a while ago. My memory of it is rather vague by now but I do recall
> that the narrator put up a gas lantern outside his house (he called it a
> friendship light) and by making the flame flicker at a certain frequency
> attracted a large flying thing that killed someone. I am not sure, but I
> think that God's fingers were mentioned, which would link this story to the
> two mentioned last November in this list ("Try and Kill It" and "Counting
> Cats in Zanzibar") by Joshua A. Solomon, which he said definitely mentioned
> God's fingers. I don't remember reading either of those, so I don't know if
> they were linked in any other way. The main reason I think "The Friendship
> Light" is part of a set is that it also seemed to be missing something.


"Try and Kill It" and "Counting Cats in Zanzibar" apparently have
little in common besides divine digits. I haven't had any success in
scoring that ish of F&SF. Would you be up for a trade?
I'll photocopy TAKI and CCIZ for you if you photocopy TFL for me.

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