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From: Peter Cash <cash@rsn.hp.com>
Subject: (urth) Green eyes: disproof of assassin theory?
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 14:08:22 

alga wrote:
> Nice to see you again, sir!

Thank you. It's good to be on active duty again.

> You make a good argument wrt Marsch's humanity and villainy, but there's
> strong evidence against it, and that is his bright green eyes--the boy and
> his mother both have bright green eyes, and that is not a human shade. The
> boy also has pale skin and dark hair, as does the Marsch we see.
> You could argue against that, of course, by saying that we only have
> Marsch's word for that--but then we start going round in circles.

You mean we haven't been? 8^)

We know that the text of the second two novellas in 5th Head is, to some
degree, unreliable--I just think it's more unreliable than most
participants of this list do. I believe that "A Story" and "V.R.T." are
calculated disinformation (while the first novella is merely a
self-serving autobiography). So of course my defense against your
attack, my dear green friend, is to assert that Marsch wrote about the
boy's green eyes (and his mother's matching ones, and the stuff about
abos having green eyes in "A Story") precisely because he himself has
such green eyes. In fact, it must be that many Annese have green eyes
(maybe they interbred with abos, and acquired this trait). Marsch hopes,
if not to convince his captors, at least to distract them, to give them
something else to think about than his mission. Yes, it's circular...but
that's my point.

While looking over the passage where Number Five first meets Marsch and
notices his green eyes, I came across Marsch's mention that Number Five
is a clone of his father. Others have asked how Marsch could possibly
know this...but my theory provides an answer! 8^) 

Marsch knows exactly what Maitre looks like, though he has never met the
master of 666 Saltimbanque. Why? Because his handlers have shown him
pictures of his intended target! Thus, when he meets the boy, he
realizes that he looks so like his father that it is likely that they
are clones.

And what color are alga's eyes?

Sgt. Rock

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