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From: "Robert Borski" <rborski@coredcs.com>
Subject: (urth) Lukos family tree; leukos
Date: Sat, 4 Jul 1998 17:25:37 

With his head well above water, about 666 posts ago (+/-100), Welshian sawn
prion wrote:

"First, about the original Jeannine in the photo.  Aunt Jeannine tells
No. 5 that she will show him a picture of his true mother, and gives
him the photo of the woman and child.  If this is his mother, it must
be his biological one, since a clone, like anyone else, has no other
kind.  If it is No. 5's biological mother, then she must be the
biological mother of the original Gene Wolfe, and thus would not be
married to her son, as is shown in your timeline, and is part of the
source of the confusion I discussed in my original post."

I've now revised my Fifth head Geneology in light of this (thanks for
clarifying it--I was clearly the muddleheaded one).

I'm now contending the second generation of St. Croix's Wolfe clan is all
natural; i.e., that Gene Wolfe II and Jeannine are both naturally born. The
first clone is subsequently created by Gene Wolfe II; this clone is Maitre
(who kills his father when he finds out, as does Number Five.) Thus the
picture Jeannine shows Number Five does depict both parents, since he's a
clone of their naturally-born son. Make sense? I should have the revised
family tree CC graphic uploaded by the time you see this, if you'd like to
take a look.

As for the revisionism, there does not appear to be anything in the text
that directly contradicts this.

Consider the following (which I've quoted often). Maitre is the speaker: "I
am here because the individual behind me did--who was himself originated by
the one whose mind is simulated in Mr. Million." *Originated* does not
necessarily have to mean "cloned" here; it could be the old-fashioned
normal reproductive process--the fun, non-vitro method.

Then there's the following from Dr. Marsch, who's talking about Aunt
Jeannine: "She is in reality daughter to an earlier--shall we say
'version'?--of yourself?" Again, note the pesky quote marks around version.
They're unnecessary--unless, of course, Wolfe is attempting to key us to
something--in this case the "version" being discussed--despite the same
name--is the original Gene Wolfe, who provides only half the genetic makeup
we find in Gene Wolfe II (Mrs. GW provides the other half). Gene Wolfe II,
however, provides all of the genetic material for Gene Wolfe III, the first

Prion also wrote in regards to my Hero post:  "You say that Paul
'marries' her, but doesn't consummate the marriage."

Yes he marries her, but no he doesn't consummate the union--not because the
two of them don't have enough time together, but because Janey is still
lukos; i.e., a soulless animal and therefore unredeemed. For Paul to
attempt consummation would thus be tantamount to bestiality--as opposed to
the sacred union of love St. Paul and the Church advocate. Once Janey is
redeemed, however, she becomes leucos, light; i.e., she is no longer an
animal and can now join her husband in reaping the fruits of blessed

Hope this helps.

Robert Borski (scolex) 

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