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From: mary whalen <marewhalen@yahoo.com>
Subject: (urth) Re: VRTs Time in Jail
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 00:39:57 

This is Sean Whalen (prion).

---Robert Borski wrote:
> Sean/prion:
> Re your assertions following:
> "It's unknown how much time passed after that and when the case was
> photocopied and assembled. 
> When it was finished, it was a year before the junior officr
receives it
> (who knows what has been done with it in the meantime).  This gives
him at
> least around three years to obtain this position..."
> We differ a whole lot on how much time has passed since VRT has been
> arrested. 
> Note the cover letter that accompanies VRT's case file--it's dated
> a year past.*
> Note as well the following from p.240, which quotes from the same
> letter: "The prisoner, who states his identity as John V. Marsch,
> here April 2nd last year and was arrested *June 5th of the current
year* in
> connection with the murder of a GSPB Class AA Correspondent Espion
in this
> city."

You're completely right, of course.  I was going on memory in the

I still think that this would be enough time for him to get to that
position.  It's possible he just blackmails someone in Port Mimizon to
get the job.  Also, he may have left as soon as no evidence could be
provided to show that he was the legal beneficiary of Maitre, rather
than waiting for Jeannine to finish looking for the money.  The Cave
Canem still would have been providing money at this point, and the
expenses of his journey could be provided for.  The case may not have
really taken that much time, the Ste. Croix political philosophy
doesn't seem to take difference of opinion in stride, and they were
quite efficient in arresting VRT.

It also seems that about any government worker is empowered to decide
a criminal case, even a very new one.  Remember that all the
government employees have similar powers and do different jobs.  The
group that is empowered to arrest VRT is a fairly motely crew who one
would not think would be given that kind of power. The fate of
prisoners doesn't seem to be taken that seriously, either.  The
brother officer suggests that [David] should save time by just telling
them to kill the prisoner instead of reading the case all night. 
Also, any idiot who owns a slave can decide exactly what to do with
him/her.  The government doesn't seem to feel differently about it's

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