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From: "John Gersten" <jgersten@slip.net>
Subject: Re: (urth) Re: Watchmen
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 09:40:06 

>> I'm another fan of "Watchmen"; are there other such you
>> can recommend?  I know about "Maus".
>The Dark Night Returns and V: For Vendetta are usually mentioned in the
>same breath as Watchmen (which means you've probably heard of them already

I think Moore's "Miracleman" work (collected in, er, three or four trade
paperback volumes) is arguably even better than Watchmen, though with art by
several diverse artists, visually it's a lot less coherent.  Neil Gaiman's
brief coda to the Miracleman saga, collected in "Miracleman, The Golden
Age," is equally good (perhaps surprisingly so, given that at the time
Gaiman was still an up-and-comer).

Then you might check out Grant Morrison's work -- his Doom Patrol stuff is
fantastic, though a bit bizarre.  The first six or so issues are collected
in a trade paperback entitled "Crawling From The Wreckage," and though the
rest of the run (40+ issues)  is available only in the original back issues,
they're well worth tracking down.  Morrison is currently in the middle of
"The Invisibles," the first eight issues of which are also available in a
trade paperback entitled "Say You Want A Revolution."  Also terrific stuff.
While most of Morrison's stuff is inherently post-modern, that element of
his work reached a high point a couple summers back in a short series called
"Flex Mentallo," which is due to be reprinted soon in paperback as well.

For starters.... <grin>


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