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From: Jon Camfield <GriffJon@Mail.UTexas.edu>
Subject: (urth) Eclipse?
Date: Sat, 03 Oct 1998 16:15:25 

Sev's acceptance into the Stone Town has quite a few ramifications that are
important later in the book-- strengthening the Conciliator myth, which
allows Sev in Typhon's time to be very successful which spurs on Sev in his
adventure before his judgement (and provides for the successful passage
through Typhon's town--Os, right?).  Also, the events in the Stone Town
when Sev meets with his duplicate there might have lead to a different
outcome if those events hadn't taken place (what -were- the witches looking
for, anyway?)

Admittedly, Wolfe tends to dance around causality when talking about Sev's
time-travels and also those of the Hieros, but...

So, maybe Tzadkiel, having known about these various causations, realized
that there was a hole in the chains that required Sev to be Apu Punchau,
and that to do this he needed the miracle, and had no access to the White
Fountain's power.

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