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From: Jon Camfield <GriffJon@Mail.UTexas.edu>
Subject: (urth) WF travel time
Date: Sat, 03 Oct 1998 16:20:56 

In one of the AEs, (Aes??) -mantis- had a paragraph about the transit-time
of the WF-- I don't understand there being a question here.  We know that
the WF was pre-made and already in route to Urth, even before Sev's trial
(heck, the WF was already moving in Typhon's time, but not in
Apu-Punchau's, b/c of Sev's link to its power).

Don't we (I must admit, I have with me neither the books nor the Lexicon,
so can't reference this) have a general knowledge of how far back Typhon
was in comparison to Sev's reign, and can give an estimation of how long
the WF has existed and travelled for?

Related question: are the distances in the Brook Madregot logarithmic?
Have we ever come up with further references to Madregot than the
kabbalistic ones?  (remember, I'm new to the list and haven't completely
read the archives, so if it's there, tell me to go RTFM and I'll nicely
shut up and go do some reading)

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