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From: "Marty Light" <Marty_Light@siecor.com>
Subject: (urth) Barber Chair Infinity & Inire's Mirrors
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 08:41:04 

I never thought of asking Dr. Science about the true nature of Yesod vs.
Briah time, or how Father Inire's mirrors work.  Could this be a clue -- I
mean, maybe this Arthur "Hellenson" [Hellenic Art?]  is really another
Wolfe-alias-in-Arthur's-clothing.  Hmmm.  The actual Dr. Science transcript

Dear Doctor Science,
Is sitting in a barbershop's barber chair between two mirrors a true
reflection of the idea of infinity?

-- Arthur Hellenson from Edwards AFB, CA

Just as the revolving red-and-white-striped barber pole is a corruption
of certain Egyptian symbols of infinity, barbershop mirrors face each
other to give mere mortals a taste of the infinite. In the old days you
could get a taste of the infinite and a quick trim for four bits.
Nowadays we don't have barbers; we have hairstylists. A quick trim
takes an hour, costs you thirty bucks, and the only thing you see in
the mirror is yourself. Hairstylists all have names like Ramon or Pepsi
or Bambi, and they have no sense of perspective. I'm afraid that the
cheap haircut, like infinity itself, is fast becoming a thing of the
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