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From: Michael Straight <straight@email.unc.edu>
Subject: Re: (urth) Pas' personality
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 09:08:22 

I guess this should go in the Whorl list, but I'll keep it here where
people have been discussing it.  Spoilers for the Long Sun books follow.

Marc wrote:

> >On an unrelated not, it seems clear that Pas is the avatar of
> >Typhon/Piaton (unless there are other two-headed all-powerful
> >monarchs floating around capable of building generation ships).
> >But Pas seems to be a mostly benevolent figure, at least compared
> >to Echidna, Scylla, etc...  Whereas, Typhon was clearly a bastard...
> >Guess you'd have to chalk that one up to programmer's error, heh.

You have to remember that Pas was killed (erased from Mainframe).  The
"Pas" we see is a version cobbled together from the splinters of himself
that Pas was able to hide here and there.  It's not clear how much of the
original Pas gets pulled together.  

Remember also the vision that Kypris(?) shows Silk of Pas with Silk's face
replacing one of Pas's heads.  The interesting question is, Which head? 
If Silk replaces the slave's head, that would imply that Kypris wants Silk
to be the host body for Pas's personality in the way that Chenille served
for Scylla.  But if Silk is replacing Typhon's original head, that might
imply that the "Pas" program is crippled and that Silk's personality might
be used to replace what is missing, possibly dominating Typhon's

I like to think that perhaps Kypris already downloaded Silk's personality
when she showed him that vision and that "Pas" is now an amalgamation of
Silk and Typhon. 


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