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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) Mother Catherine
Date: Fri,  9 Oct 98 20:15:00 GMT

Robert Borski,

I think it was in Feeley's essay where the idea that the pelerines
had regular commerce with the cloisonne shop family was first raised.
The shop sold crucifixes; the pelerines are Red Cross girls. This was
a direction as to the how and why Catherine (formerly of the
pelerines) would end up with Ouen (formerly of the cloisonne shop).

While I don't for a minute suppose that the pelerines would have one
of their own sent to the Matachin Tower for any crime, let alone
something as mild as breaking a vow of virginity, still, you bring up
an interesting point that has vexed essayists for years--what crime,
real or suspected, would be serious enough to warrant Catherine's
stay with the torturers?  And who is issuing this warrant for her
arrest (since it can't be either the pelerines or the torturers)?
After all, the prisoners therein are basically political prisoners or
sick wackos like the woman who made furniture out of children.  This
then is the Mystery of Catherine's Arrest.


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