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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) Dorcas Wrong Body
Date: Fri,  9 Oct 98 20:48:00 GMT

Griffjon's fears that Dorcas's soul might have been drawn down into
an annonymous body (ala Jonas-riding-Miles) might be assuaged by:

1) the locket Ouen has (i.e., Ouen's mom looks exactly like the
Dorcas body--which starts the ball rolling at the Inn of Lost Loves);

2) the fact that Severian looks so much like Ouen (i.e., Severian
really is or seems to be the biological offspring of Ouen).

(Note that these family resemblences only go one generation.  That
is, I don't think Severian ever comes close to saying that his face
[dark eyes, dark hair] looks like Dorcas's face [blue eyes, blonde
hair]; whereas he does come close to saying that his face looks like
Catherine's [dark eyes, dark hair], and others say outloud that he looks
like Ouen [blue eyes, blond hair].  So just because Agia has slanted
brown eyes and brown hair, this doesn't mean that she isn't Dorcas's
granddaughter, by way of the hypothetical second child of Dorcas and
perhaps a xanthoderm named [Agi*].)

(Oh, and re: Cyriaca.  She is the cheating wife of a powerful landed
armiger in the Thrax area.  Racho in Nessus, one of the only other
armigers we see, would seem to be in the wrong geographical location
and too far down the social totem pole to be her husband.  It could be
possible, of course, but if the husband has been vacant from Thrax
for so long then it wouldn't seem to be so pressing to have his wife
executed . . . in fact, it might be a bit upsetting for the husband .
. . unless it is all a part of a bigger plan that the husband is in
on: "Right, I'll go to Nessus, whore around for a few months or
years, oggle the dirty pictures at the Old Citadel.  My wife will
then go about her wanton ways, and when it gets too much,  Abdiesus
old buddy, you just go ahead and have her kilt.  That way my hands
are clean of it and I don't have to answer to the inlaws.")


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