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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) Re: GURPS BOTNS
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 98 00:24:00 GMT

Wombat (and Kieran Mullen),

The short answer is that if "GURPS Book of the New Sun" was out, I'd
tell you--believe me, I'd tell you.

It is not out yet, nor is it slated for publication (although at one
point I seem to recall seeing it slated for 1997 . . . that must have
been in 1996), nor does it look like it will be.

The "Pyramid" article on said project (which Wombat refers to--and
thanks for the compliment on the article, Wombat!) was published in
issue number four (Nov/Dec 1993).  Five years ago (objective time).

The first draft of GURPS New Sun was turned in on time and uploaded
for playtesting.  A year or so went by.  Instructions for a pre-final
rewrite were handed down.  This requested second draft was turned in
on time, two or three years ago, and apparently never uploaded for
playtest/review.  (Turned in by me, I might as well bluntly point
out, since I am the author and instigator of the whole cursed
project.)  It has been used as desk ballast, or so I've been told.

Fine vaporware, standing shoulder to shoulder with "GURPS Survivors"
and "GURPS Martyrs of Genghis Khan" <g>.

At this late date (seven years [objective time] in, but who's
counting?), anybody wanting to play something like TBOTNS should
probably just buy the science fantasy role-playing game "Fading Suns"
(1996) and tweek it a bit.  (Since I sense all sorts of copyright
infringment or "unacknowledged homage" to Gene Wolfe in "Fading
Suns"; but I'm probably just insanely bitter about this and Wombat,
with his greater knowledge of the gaming industry and its
intersection with the Law, Wombat, I say, could probably point out
the fine line which "Fading Suns" doesn't cross.  Keywords: "Gods &
Demigods" [first edition]; hobbits into bobbits, balrogs into
balrons; issues of "look and feel"; etc.)

Those on a tight budget could probably squeek by with the "Pyramid"
article and Metagaming's "The Fantasy Trip" (1980), or just "Melee"
and "Wizard" (1977).


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