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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) Compleate Wolfe
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 98 02:12:00 GMT


You asked about the most efficient way to get all of Wolfe's short
stories and novellas.  I'm not sure I understand, exactly--are you
worried about overlapping stories in different collections?  There
isn't that much overlap (so far, at least), I don't think.

The things that have not been collected at all, obviously you have to
find the magazines they appeared in.

The things that have not appeared in print, like "Talk of Mandrakes,"
clearly you have to find a manuscript somewhere! <g>  (Seriously,
folks, I myself asked about this "phantom title" after I saw it
listed in URTH-MAN EXTRAORDINARY and Gene Wolfe tells me it is real,
and he sold it, and the magazine folded before they published it.
But as we all know, he might be bluffing!  I, for one, deerly hope to
see this storied story in the next collection of tall tails.)

The things that have appeared only in Cheap Street editions, well.
You either buy it now or continue to have patience and pray that some
white knight like Bryan Cholfin comes along to provide you with a
less expensive copy.

Otherwise, the most efficient way is probably a combination of MX
Bookfinder and Amazon.com!

(Or did I miss the point entirely?)


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