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From: "Clifford Drane" <dranec@hotmail.com>
Subject: (urth) Dorcas: 'Buried' dead or alive?
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 1999 14:18:59 CDT

Ok. The seemingly accepted point of view is that Dorcas was dead, and 
Severian brought her back to life while submerged looking for his 
sword. However, the old man looking for his wife (my shiny new copy 
of Lexicon Urthus (love it Michael!) is at home, so I don't know his 
name!) said that Cas' eyes popped open just as she was submerged - 
which led me to believe that she was laid to rest by mistake. 
Following that logic, the water, which is said to act as a 
preservetant, kept her in stasis for 40 years until Severian woke her 
up by touching her hand (which could be supernatural in origin or not 
(could have been the shock of the touch alone)).

Also, has Dorcas as a parallel to the Lady of the Lake been mentioned 
before? Severian grasps both her hand and the sword at the same time, 
almost like she gave it to him. Any thoughts about that?

Oh, if any of you catch me at Yahoo chat, my name is 'Agilus' (all 
the name of good guys (or interesting creatures) were taken!)

Cliff Drane

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