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From: "Alex David Groce" <adgroce@eos.ncsu.edu>
Subject: Re: (urth) Dorcas: 'Buried' dead or alive?
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 18:50:09 

The idea is interesting, although the correspondence of names with the woman
Peter raises from the dead in Acts 9:36-42 is suggestive of a real
resurrection, the first human raised by Severian as Triskele is the first

On Apr 7,  2:18pm, Clifford Drane wrote:
> Subject: (urth) Dorcas: 'Buried' dead or alive?
> Ok. The seemingly accepted point of view is that Dorcas was dead, and 
> Severian brought her back to life while submerged looking for his 
> sword. However, the old man looking for his wife (my shiny new copy 
> of Lexicon Urthus (love it Michael!) is at home, so I don't know his 
> name!) said that Cas' eyes popped open just as she was submerged - 
> which led me to believe that she was laid to rest by mistake. 
> Following that logic, the water, which is said to act as a 
> preservetant, kept her in stasis for 40 years until Severian woke her 
> up by touching her hand (which could be supernatural in origin or not 
> (could have been the shock of the touch alone)).
> Also, has Dorcas as a parallel to the Lady of the Lake been mentioned 
> before? Severian grasps both her hand and the sword at the same time, 
> almost like she gave it to him. Any thoughts about that?
> Oh, if any of you catch me at Yahoo chat, my name is 'Agilus' (all 
> the name of good guys (or interesting creatures) were taken!)
> Cliff Drane
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