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From: "Tony Ellis" <tony.ellis@futurenet.co.uk>
Subject: (urth) Some seraph. Some pin.
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 10:44:34 +0100

Robert Borski wrote:

> Go to http://www.babyzone.com/babynames/namesearch.htm and enter Karina in
> the search field. You'll get three different listings, all of which claim
> Karina is a variant of Katherine.
> I also find your "If it's not on the web, it can't be true" approach
> somewhat scary for a man of your intelligence.
Oooooooh, you cheeky thing, you.  Now when did I -ever- say "If it's not
on the web, it can't be true"? I merely cited supporting evidence. I'm
inclined to respond that the tactic of putting words into your
opponents' mouths is somewhat scary coming from a man of -your-

As another example of supporting evidence, have you tried entering
"Carina" into the search field of your Web site? You'll get four
different listings, none of which claim Carina is a variant of Katherine
at all.

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