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From: Carlos Martinho <carlosom71@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: (urth) RE: postmodernism, OTism, continent-ism
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 13:12:44 

> My wife is Brazilian (which contains a lot of words
> from amerindian
> languages) but she just look at me blankly when  ia
> sked her about Apo, Apu,
> apu-punchai or any similar words for 'leader'.  One
> point to the SE asia
> theory!

Well... I'm Brazilian, also. Amerindians from Brazil
(tupi, guarani, caiapo, txucarramae, etc) are not the
same -- language-wise -- with the Peruvian/ Andean
Incas, who spoke quechua. "Apu-Punchau" sounds a lot
like quechua (see, for instance, the name of the
historical site -- "Macchu-Pichu", "old mountain", or
the native leader Tupac Amaru). And, by the way, the
Typhon mountains seem a lot like the Andes, IMO.
BTW: if I'm not mistaken,  "p’unchau" means "day" or
"time" in quechua. And "apuc" means "chief". "Pampa"
is also a quecha word.

My better guess is that Apu Punchau is somewhat
related with the Incans. Ergo, the Commonwealth is
South American.
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