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From: Ouroboros <ottofaij@yahoo.com>
Subject: (urth) Wolfe apologetics
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 21:23:15 

<<<<[Quantum tunneling being the theory behind Father
Inire's mirrors and how Severian brings the New
Sun]still leaves too much unexplained. How can QT
explain the New Sun being attached to Severian, or
"birthed" by an act of intercourse?>>>>>

One of the things that brings me back to the New Sun
books again and again is the conviction (based on my
experience with the story til now) that Wolfe has a
rational explanation for even the most miraculous
happenings. If Severian *did* pull a butterfly out of
a rainbow, you can bet Wolfe would have a rational
explanation for it.

What I meant by QT being how Severian brings the New
Sun is that that is how the Sun suddenly appears in
the center of Urth's orbit out of wherever. 

BTW: I don't think I mentioned before that QT could
(theoretically) be used for time travel as surely as
for interstellar travel and that's how Severian does

As for how the Sun is attached to Severian, I think I
recall someone telling Severian (I can't place the
quote) that the Concilliator does not just *bring* the
New Sun, he *is* the New Sun. Here's a possible
rationalization for Severian's connection to the Sun
and and how Severian and Apheta making love could
bring it:

Severian IS the fountain. Relative to the story, he
hasn't become it yet, but he will. At the time
Severian is getting it on, other things are happening
in the Universe that tell Severian (now the New Sun)
what the earlier Severian is doing and that now is the
time to become the New Sun and go to Urth. Therefore
Severian having sex "miraculously" brings the New Sun
the same way that the Concilliator "miraculously"
prophesies the future of Typhon and the future

Nice neat rationalization. Now all I have to do is
*prove* it. 

<<<<the memories contained in a single cell certainly
doesn't have a scientific basis>>>>>

I don't think this is how Wolfe said the alzabo got
the memories. I don't think he explained it in detail
at all, but I never imagined that if the alzabo had
bitten of Severian's hand he would have gotten all his
memories. I assumed it would have to eat the brain.
Now one can argue that such a beast or adaptation is
scientifically improbable, but the explanation is not

Ok. There. Everything tidily explained. ;-)

- Ouroboros
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