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From: JMCAzurin <mikah@brewsoft.com>
Subject: (urth) re: more lies
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 07:43:06 +0800

Roy C. Lackey enumerated:
> ...some occasions where Sev lied or his perfect memory failed
> The day after his elevation he saw the order for Thecla's
> excruciation to begin on the following day. (I, XII)
> "I could not sleep after that. Instead I went (for the last time, though 
> did not know it) to the tomb in which I had played as a boy."
> Then (IV, XXXVI), as autarch, he returned to the tomb

  This doesn't have to be either an outright lie or a memory failure. You 
might simply interpret the quote as, "The day after my elevation, I went to 
the tomb. Little did I know it would be my last such visit as a member in 
good standing of the order of seekers of truth and penitence, for I was 
soon to be exiled for facilitating Thecla's suicide."

> Here's another: Just after describing where he and his friends swam and
> before recounting his near-drowning (I, II), Sev says: "I have chosen to
> describe all this now because I never went again after the day on which I
> saved Vodalus." Then, when he is captain of apprentices (I, X), "I took
> parties of apprentices to swim, thinking that to be my duty, though I 
> never dive in deep water without fear." Both statements can't be true.

  He might just mean he never went for a fun afternoon swim with his 
friends again. He says he had to take the prentices, but the character of 
that sort of outing would be different. As Sev says he thinks it to be his 


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