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From: shannon wilde <swilde_99@yahoo.com>
Subject: (urth) fun stuff
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 15:15:30 

Ola, Jackie, and beware...one must needs gird one's
loins purty tight to run w/ these learned and lovable
braniacs. You've probably gathered this, but even so,
as one newbie to another, enjoy, enjoy. i sure do. oh,
and thanks as always to mr. lackey for his
scintillations, and especially to the witty straight
and ouroboros. Both insight and humor, you guys spoil
us rotten. And <cackle> tail-eater, you _know_ you
need 'em, but if you change your mind, i too would bid
for your hardcovers. i know, fat chance, just asking
as a lowlier woim.-Shannon

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