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From: "Ori Kowarsky" <orik@sprint.ca>
Subject: Re: Re:  (urth) Messianic
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 16:51:17 

The interpretive powers of the cabbalists of the Urth list are subtle indeed
if the plain meaning of the text of TBOTNS requires a defense!

I urge anyone with eyes to see to open up Citadel of the Autarch, chapter
34, "The Key to the Universe", and read page 242 of the Timescape hardcover:
Biologically engineered beings.  Intra-dimensional travel.  Breeding humans
as their "repayment and their revenge".  Any attempt to characterize this as
"divine" represents either wishful thinking or an attempt to apotheosize raw
brute power, neither of which trends are strangers to the development of
religions generally, especially if you believe that you are one of the
select few Urthlings who will be supplied with waterwings.

Beyond a purely textual approach, however, the primary argument against the
divinity of these powers is the poverty of their (final) solution to the Old
Sun;  killing a great many people with advanced technology is not a
particulalry miraculous or novel approach.  In fact, when faced with a
Pancreator who cannot correct His creation without slaughtering the mass of
it, you have to wonder which is the more wretched:  Him or His apologists.


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