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From: Ron Hale-Evans <rwhe@apocalypse.org>
Subject: (urth) New Sun Mysteries FAQ?
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 1999 12:38:20 

We all know that the New Sun cycle is filled with deliberate little Lupine
mysteries for the reader. Some are relatively easy (who were Severian's
parents and grandparents?) and some are very hard, so hard that maybe not
one of us on the list could accurately answer every question on a
substantial list.

I know of two lists of these mysteries. One is in an old Usenet message by
Donn Seeley that I have kept and treasured since the early Eighties.
Another is in _Lexicon Urthus_ by our own Mantis. Perhaps we could combine
these lists (authors willing), add a number of our own, and set about
answering them in FAQ form. We could warn the reader that these are major
spoilers and that the FAQ is not to be read until the New Sun books have
been read at least twice.

If we decide to do this, I would prefer that someone else coordinate the
effort, as I have too many irons in the fire already. (Hmm, in light of Our
Hero's trade, that doesn't sound good...) If no one steps forth, however, I
would be willing to do so.

This could become an important resource for future readers of the New Sun
books, and would likely be a lot of fun to put together. Mantis, what say
you? Donn Seeley, are you here? (Anyone know how to reach him?)

Ron H-E
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