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From: Jeremy Crampton <jcrampto@osf1.gmu.edu>
Subject: (urth) Wolfe archive
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 14:27:48 

Hi all,

I'd like to raise again the possibility of a Gene Wolfe archive of
collected papers and documents (the Gene Wolfe Collection). I'd see it
modeled on the Philip K. Dick Collection at Fullerton (Cal State Fullerton,
see http://www.library.fullerton.edu/special.htm, item #4) which was begun
during the author's lifetime. This is a physical collection of manuscripts
and letters which Dick sent over from time to time. On his death his
unpublished work (most significantly the Exegesis) was also deposited there
and is now accessible to researchers.

Assuming this is a reasonable idea:

1. Where would this collection be housed?

2. What would be in it?

I'd like to begin by making available three items:

--an edited typescript for _Soldier of Arete_ sent to me by Tor in 1989
--the Disclave Convention Program Book 1987, with a signed copy of Wolfe's
story "The Most Beautiful Woman on the World" [first place of publication,
later reprinted in _Endangered Species_]
--an uncorrected proof copy of Endangered Species (purchased from Mark
Ziesing books)

I think the benefits of such a collection are obvious. My items were hauled
down from the attic, probably other people have similar? Just to clarify I
am not interested in selling my items, I just want them to go to good homes.

Does anybody work at a library which would permanently and accessibly house
such a collection, eg in Chicago? Anybody know Wolfe to see what he thinks?
If there is no interest in this idea, where might I send this material? I
thought of the SF Foundation at Liverpool University (my alma mater) but
perhaps it ought to be in the USA.

Jeremy W. Crampton		         http://geog.gmu.edu    jcrampto@gmu.edu
Dept. of Geography & Earth Science
[MS 1E2]				’Tis true; there’s magic in the web of it.
George Mason University					--Othello (III.iv.69)
Fairfax, Va 22030

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