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From: "Urash, Tom" <turash@firstam.com>
Subject: RE: (urth) Re: Wolfe and Calvino
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 12:58:18 

> The only thing I've read by Calvino is _The Tree Baron_ (title? the
> original was
> _Il Barone Rapante_ anyway) and the first few pages of _Invisible
> Cities_. I'd say
> that Wolfe has more in common with Calvino stylewise than contentwise,
> the other
> similarity would be that they are both intelligent authors who write
> intelectual
> novels. Although, after taking a quick look at _Invisible Cities_ I
> can't help
> wondering if Wolfe has read Calvino, _IC_ had the same sense of wonder
> that I got
> from reading TBotNS, albeit it seemed even more obscure.
	 The English edition I have is titled "The Baron in the Trees". 

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