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From: Adam Stephanides <adamsteph@earthlink.net>
Subject: (urth) Re: The Haunted Boardinghouse
Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2000 16:56:17 

Michael Andre-Driussi wrote:
> And nobody ever says anything at all about "The Haunted Boardinghouse." 

Here's something on "The Haunted Boardinghouse," which I had intended to
post earlier but never got around to.  In your excellent post on the
similarities between THB and LITTLE, BIG, there was one you missed,
iirc.  The protagonist of THB is named Enan Bradford.  Smoky Barnable's
real first name, with which he signs his letter to Santa, is Evan
("Letters to Santa, II, 4, p. 166 of the Bantam trade paperback). So the
protagonists are Evan Barnable and Enan Bradford.


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