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From: Michael Andre-Driussi <mantis@sirius.com>
Subject: (urth) PEACE: knife and doctor, Smart farm
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2000 10:12:05 

Adam and Roy,

From how I see it, there isn't much to argue about here.

First of all, Roy listed the detail about the knife under "fuzzy facts," as
witness below.

>Fuzzy facts:
>Den was "twenty-five or so" in his Chinese Garden dream. (65)
>At time of astral visit (AV) to Dr. Van Ness: Crazy Pete was on island (46);
>Den had been president for less than a year (stopped carrying knife "months
>ago" (12); Den had a large garden (15) (implying a large house, which
>implies that the house he is living in at time of AV could not be the
>museum-roomed house [and which Wolfe is reported to have denied existed in
>the first place] he was reviewing the plans for, while he was still living
>in his old apartment yet obviously was then president (35-36), because such
>a house could not have been built in the time available).

Each item in this cluster has a futher swarm of nuance around it, for
example  "Crazy Pete on island" isn't exactly the "1964" we sometimes make
it out to be; it really means "years 1964 to maybe 1974?" (since Pete
started in 1964 and stayed on for some time).

Likewise, the knife bits ("stopped carrying it months ago" & "it wore out
presidential suits") both point to "early in presidency" (as opposed to
"poor man" or "late in presidency," etc.).  Adam can add a year or even two
years if he likes; I don't see how it matters to the larger picture.

We want to date the time of Den's non-astral visit to Dr. V, the initial
timeframe to which he astrally projects.  Since everything that happens in
the offices of both doctors has become very suspect, we should probably
throw out Dr. V's comments that seem to suggest Den is 40 to 45.

Or, if we feel that "fat Den" is early president (around age 50) and "thin
Den" is starving poor man Den (both in different timeframe visits to Dr.
V), then we can assign accordingly.

Back to the Chinese Garden dream, if we go along with Den's own claim that
he was 24 at the time of the coldhouse prank, then this puts an extra
weirdness to the serenity of the Chinese Garden dream (not to mention the
Olivia-ness of that dream).  How does the dream relate to the prank, if at
all (and it is hard to see any relation, unless the victim was somehow
related to Peacock-who-killed-Olivia)?

Re: Smart farm, good job Roy--that answers your previous puzzling question
of why Smart came to Cassionsville anyway!


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