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From: Michael Andre-Driussi <mantis@sirius.com>
Subject: (urth) PEACE: fuzzy new president
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2000 10:39:57 

Roy and Adam,

While I'm thinking of it, here's another fuzzy factoid/episode from the
"early president" period: that roadhouse where the workers go (152 for Roy;
162 for Adam).

Charlie Scudder is giving Den a ride (as a stop along the way home or will
they go back to the plant for Den to get his car?  Must be along the way
home.  Scudder is taking him to his apartment?); Den is not entirely
recognized as being the president (they are thinking of Julius);
labor/management tensions are high (Den wonders if Scudder's tires will be
slashed); and then there is that vision of the roadhouse in ruin, which
must belong to "later president" period.

This one episode seems to show a contrast between the early and the later
periods, and suggests a span of several years.

Because the workers are so vague as to what Den looks like, maybe this
episode happens before Den's 50th birthday, when there is the
(photographed) company event at which Dan French gives him the box.


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