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From: Dan Parmenter <dan@lec.com>
Subject: (urth) Props to Ultan's Library, also Death and the Maiden
Date: 12 Apr 2001 17:27:01 

Ultan's Apprentice writes:

> I'd like to announce that Ultan's Library, the webpage
> containing articles and reviews of GW's work has been
> updated (finally!). It should be easier on the eyes
> now, but we also have a new article by Jeremy
> Crampton. Please take a look.
> URL:
> http://www.english.bham.ac.uk/ultan

Great stuff, as always.  I haven't fully absorbed Jeremy Crampton's
article yet, but it seems fascinating, complete with completely
non-gratuitous quotes from Foucault ;-)

Jeremy's topic reminds me that I saw an interesting film recently with
vaguely Wolfean overtones: Death and the Maiden, based on a play by
the very odd Ariel Dorfman.  It features a healer who may also be a
torturer with much discussion of the ways that one can become the
other, several unreliable witnesses and an unsatisfying, ambiguous
ending.  Sigourney Weaver is quite good as a woman in an unnamed South
American country who was tortured as a political prisoner (for
"confessional" reasons, though our tortuer, who takes pleasure in his
work, seems to have something of Gurloes in him too).  It's rather
melodramatic and much of it is prickly and uncomfortable, but I found
it quite compelling nonetheless even with its faults.  Your mileage
may vary.


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