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From: "Nigel Price" <nigel.a.price@virgin.net>
Subject: (urth) Palestine in the Holly Land
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 16:08:23 +0100

More on places and placenames in "Pandora by Holly Hollander":

OK, so when Holly is injured, she is taken to a hospital in a "Palestine",
which she says is between "Barton" and Chicago. From the map, this would
seem to be a reference to a place called Palatine, which is indeed between
Barrington and Chicago.

I mentioned earlier that there's a real place called South Barrington. Turns
out in the book that Aladdin Blue lives in "South Barton".

That figures!

I've got to the place in the book where the thick-set policeman, Lt Sandoz,
makes his appearance, ready to play Lestrade to Aladdin Blue's Holmes.
Knowing Wolfe's fascination with the book and film of that name, I wondered
at first whether there was a "Wizard of Oz" reference lurking here - perhaps
something along the lines of the title of the film "Zardoz", which took it's
name from a corruption of "The Wizard of Oz". But no, I think not. Then I
wondered whether it was a reference to the chemical and pharmaceutical
company. Wolfe was in production engineering, so must have known the company
or used its products.

Who knows - and does it matter? (No!) But I was having fun speculating...

Anyone know about the names of the counties in the area around Barrington?

In the book, "Barton" is in "Pool County", whereas "Palestine" is in "Cook
County". My map doesn't show the names of counties. What would the
corresponding counties be for Barrington and Palatine in the real Illinois?


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