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Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 18:31:33 -0600
From: Jeff Wilson 
Subject: (urth) Watts, presentiments, eponyms

>      From: 
>           maa32 

>                                         Isaac Watts Psalm 90

> It also explains the double 
> limbed animals that are exactly like the animals of Urth.

	I am still hopeful that Blue and Green turn out to be Urth and Lune in
_Planet Of The Apes_ fashion, though perhaps in an era =before= the
Whorl left. 

> Now, are the eponyms those white statues that move around the House Absolute 
> in Claw of the Conciliator? In In Green's Jungles, Regalio seems to place some 
> importance on eponyms when he first goes back to Urth, and I'm trying to 
> figure out that scene now in a way that will justify its temporal removal from 
> the present of the text. An eponym is also a word that comes from someone's 
> name, like sandwiches or johns/crappers (according to urban legend, anyway). I 
> was trying to figure out what eponym might help solve that scene.  Regalio 
> says his real name is Roger, but that means very little to me.  Roger?  Any 
> famous eponyms associated with that?

	Roger is an acknowledgment in radio chatter, which may be thought of as
astronaut talk. 
	Regalio's eponyms could conceivably be regale, to entertain by story
telling, potentially a projection of the author into the text, and
regalia, which usually means an official dressy costume, but can mean
the symbols and emblems, and insgnia displayed on such a costume, making
an meta-meta-referential symbolism that could lead to almost any meaning
remotely pertinent to the text.

Jeff Wilson
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