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From: "Seth Lombardi" 
Subject: (urth) yet more despair
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 04:14:00 -0500

Blattid wrote:
"2. Can someone explain to me why people have trouble believing that Silk 
might have gashed his arms in grief? Not only is this clearly established as 
a grieving practice in Viron (see, for example, Orpine's funeral); it is a 
well established historically as a practice in the "real" world. And, as 
Nutria so succintly put it, "I don't think this skilled auger tried to kill 
himself and failed." "

Iím perfectly willing to entertain the possibility that youíre right, and my 
post Gen-X hyper ironic brain simply took the more negative, and thence more 
"dramatic" of two possibilities. Iím extremely curious as to your 
interpretation of Remoraís rejected wedding passage, however. My own is less 
than logical and complete, but it seems to me that that "shepherd" stands 
for Silk while "hyacinth" stand for, well, Hyacinth.

Also, when we meet Silk again for the first time, I believe his wounds are 
grievous enough to be fatal without some interjection. Would Silk have 
patched himself up without a will injection from Horn? Seems improbable from 
an individual experiencing despair on a level that necessitates the melding 
of souls.

Seth Lombardi
AIM: melombardi
"Two faces are alike; neither is funny by itself, but side by side their 
likeness makes us laugh" -Pascal

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