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From: "Seth Lombardi" 
Subject: (urth) would you like to save your game here?
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 04:55:55 -0500

Mantis wrote:
“But back to the idea of erasing the 20 years of failure. FWIW, it is a 
messier "nuts & bolts" version of (a reading of) Severian's "I am not the 
first Severian" deal, where Severian is clearly the optimized product and we 
don't see the un-edited Severian. It is also similar, in the literary world, 
to that Borges story where young Borges goes into the hotel where old Borges 
is committing suicide. In the comic world, it has some similarity to how in 
the "Adam Warlock" series, the depressed Adam Warlock of the future (all 
friends died; betrayal and ruin) commits suicide by folding himself back 
into his younger self in an attempt to avert that fork in the life-path that 
led to such a dead end.“

See also: Free Live Free.

Now on to the vaguely on topic crud:
Has anyone seen Donnie Darko??  Probably the single most Wolfean film I’ve 
ever seen. Sadly, after listening to the director commentary, I have little 
faith that the writer/director has the kind of grasp on the mysteries of his 
own work than I like to believe Wolfe does, but whadya gonna do? This flick 
has strengths and weaknesses, but it also has what has to be one of the few 
cinematic presentations of Wolfe-esque concepts such as time folding and a 
protagonist who may or may not be being manipulated by forces of 
questionable origin and morality.
Oh, and Mantis, I see you’ve shown restraint by not mentioning that Adam 
Warlock was crucified on a big ‘ol Ahnk. In which case I’ll do it for you! 
Kinda makes me wish I’d read those originals; unfortunately my first 
encounter with Marvel’s golden-skinned fightin’ Jesus was in The Infinity 
Gauntlet. Thems were the days. . .

Seth Lombardi
AIM: melombardi
"Two faces are alike; neither is funny by itself, but side by side their 
likeness makes us laugh" -Pascal

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