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From: "Nigel Price" 
Subject: (urth) Sado Island
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 14:13:03 +0100

About six years ago, there was a discussion on the list of the poetry quoted
in "The Death of Dr. Island" which was initiated by alga. As far as I could
tell, no one was able to pin down the source of the story's closing haiku.
Has there been any progress since then? Anyone know about these lines?

I gather that there was a massacre of allied POWs on Sado Island towards the
end of WWII, but have no idea whether that is in the least bit relevant. The
POWs were being used as forced labour in a mine on the island and were
apparently killed when the camp guards deliberately dynamited the mine while
the POWs were working in it. Could be - probably is - entirely irrelevant to
TDoDI, but I thought that I'd mention it.



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