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Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2003 11:06:34 -0500
Subject: Re: (urth) RE: Other authors
From: silk tree 

Richard Powers. Here is an interview:
I think my favorite is _Gold Bug Variations_,
but it is very hard to decide.

First thing I read by John Crowley was _Little, Big_.
It is linked in my mind with Mark Helprin's New York
book, _Winter's Tale_ (maybe it's the New York setting
and the strange magic). Mark Helprin is another author
I will read on sight.

This page recommends John Crowley, and even though
it hasn't been update in a while, I appreciate the page for
also recommending some other authors.
and then back up to
(describes _Winter's Tale_ as "a brilliant failure" :))

There is this fantasy writer that wrote Virconium, but
I haven't finished it and don't remember his name.
He is someone I don't hear people talk about a lot. google
will pull up more info for you.

Oh, for some reason I am thinking of Russel Hoban because
of _Riddley Walker_. It is because I recently saw a web
page where people were talking about how much better
his other books were in comparison and that one just blew
me away.

Thomas Disch too.

I'm getting off topic thought. I think for Wolfean
intricacy that Richard Powers is one to recommend.
I am assuming you will find reviews and skim the books
before buying them, due to the vaguely out of genre
experience they would cause.



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