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From: "gordon meuse" 
Subject: Re: memory Re: (urth) Heracles lesson
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 13:30:16 +0000

>If you want to read about memory, but the flip side, Luria has a case study 
>about a man with eidetic >memory _The Mind of a Mnemonist_. Luria has some 
>interesting case studies.

_The Mind of a Mnemonist_ is quite good, but probably more apropos to these 
discussions is _The Man With the Shattered World_ also by Luria. It is based 
on the journals of a Russian officer who suffered severe trauma to the head. 
He realized that he had lost his ability to create new memories so he starts 
to keep a journal. The book has commentary and analysis by Luria as well.

Incidentally, I think Korsakov's syndrome can be caused by any organic 
damage to the brain, including, but not limited to alcoholism.

Gordon Meuse

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