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Date: Sat, 05 Jul 2003 00:02:03 -0700
From: maa32 
Subject: (urth) stealing apu punchau

In response to Don's comments, I have a brief question about synchronicity.  
So you don't think Severian is really the original Apu-Punchau?  See, I always 
saw him as both the original conciliator and the original Apu-Punchau (ie - if 
he didn't go back in time, those guys would never have lived).  The 
description of Apu Punchau in Claw led me to believe that he was doing the 
calling, which was facilitated by the Cumean, because she calls him a 
vivimancer: somebody who calls to the living from the realms of the dead.  
What else qualifies somebody to be a vivimancer?  Of course, I recognize that 
the two callings would have to be at different points, and that the Cumean and 
Merryn are probably not present ... BUT there is that freaky, freaky dream of 
Severian's in Citadel of the autarch where a big fountain and a river shows up 
and Merryn and the Cummean are screwing around (surely you remember the dream 
- it was the most confusing part of the four books for me).  Maybe that is a 
clue - I should find that dream and read it over again - especially since it 
directly ties those witches with a flood and a waterfall.

Do you think the ship causes the long night?  And why did the moon get closer 
and become green?

I'm just trying to make sense of things ...  Don't take this idea too 
seriously - I don't hold it as dearly as I maintain that Green is Urth, or 
that Horn is in Babbie (two convictions which I will probably take to my 
grave).  This is just testing the water.

Take care.
Marc Aramini


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