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Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2003 02:03:35 -0700
Subject: Re: (urth) One Ship: reply
From: Lisa Schaffer-Doggett 

On Saturday, August 16, 2003, at 01:36 AM, Ashley Crill wrote:

> Anyway, I didn't intend the 'One Ship' idea to be particularly 
> convincing. Its one of those fond oddball ideas that would be almost 
> impossible to prove correct or incorrect. I also didn't take the 
> Captain's statement about one ship as literal, though I didn't make 
> that clear in my original message. The Captain seems to be speaking in 
> some sort of poetical sense concerning the ideal of  'shiphood'. The 
> strongest suggestion of this whole theory seems to be the fact that 
> Gunnie has no idea what Cargo the Ship carries. She indicates that the 
> Crew doesn't have access to the cargo holds at all, yet such holds 
> must be unimaginably huge.

One point in favor. :)

> -I agree with the the symbolic idea of the Ship as the Church. Its 
> very plain. I might point out, however, that the Whorl carries the 
> same symbology, only its 'heavenly destination' is Blue/Green rather 
> than Yesod.

This is correct but it's a corrupt symbolism.

> -When Silk and the others saw the Whorl from outside, it simply 
> appeared as a bright spot in the Sky. Tzadkiel's ship would appear the 
> same, depending on its distance from Blue/Green.

Neutral point. : /
> -There is no evidence of genetically engineered animals (destrier's 
> etc) existing on Tzadkiels's ship, only the apported animals which are 
> confined to the crew's zoo. Genetically engineered animals could have 
> been introduced to Urth by the Hierodules after the launching of the 
> Ship.

The BotNS has considerable evidence that genetically engineered animals 
predate Typhon's rule.  In addition there's the smilodon in UotNS when 
Severian is imprisoned by Typhon.    One point against.  :(
> -Its true that Jonas and Sidero differ in ways from the Chems of the 
> Whorl, but there are a variety of Chems that are constructed 
> differently and serve different purposes. Contrast Maytera Marble with 
> a Talos.

Second point slightly in favor.  :)

> -Why do you believe the Whorl travels slower than the speed of light? 
> I don't see this indicated anywhere. Arguments about the date when the 
> Whorl was launched and when Typhon reigned don't apply if the Whorl 
> travels as fast as Tzadkiel's ship.

I'm not qualified to debate this but I think the general consensus is 
that the Whorl was a sub light speed ship.  But I personally think it 
somehow attained light speed or greater at some point.  Still, a major 
second point against. :(
> -The Chrasmologic Writings contain French and Latin because, A: Its a 
> religious writing. B: It was written and the Whorl was launched far 
> before Severian's time. Also, Latin is extant in Severian's day, along 
> with Greek and Spanish.

It certainly exists in the Library.
> -Chems wouldn't be found on Urth at all if they were invented on board 
> the Ship. Reference Sidero's claims concerning this. Jonas was an 
> exception, and he clearly came from the Ship rather than Urth.

There were many robots on Urth according to the story in the Wonders of 
Urth and Sky.  They rounded us up and stuck us in the Matrix until John 
Connor came along and saved us.


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