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From: "Jeff Veyera" 
Subject: (urth) Latin in Severian's Day
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2003 09:45:10 -0700

I don't think Latin is extant---I believe it was indicated in Shadow =
that Latin is employed as an indication of an ancient tongue, but was =
not that language in fact.


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Subject: (urth) One Ship: reply

Something screwy is going on with my email. First it sends scrambled =
messages to the List, and then I stop recieving the List for a week. =
Anyway, I didn't intend the 'One Ship' idea to be particularly =
convincing. Its one of those fond oddball ideas that would be almost =
impossible to prove correct or incorrect. I also didn't take the =
Captain's statement about one ship as literal, though I didn't make that =
clear in my original message. The Captain seems to be speaking in some =
sort of poetical sense concerning the ideal of  'shiphood'. The =
strongest suggestion of this whole theory seems to be the fact that =
Gunnie has no idea what Cargo the Ship carries. She indicates that the =
Crew doesn't have access to the cargo holds at all, yet such holds must =
be unimaginably huge.
-I agree with the the symbolic idea of the Ship as the Church. Its very =
plain. I might point out, however, that the Whorl carries the same =
symbology, only its 'heavenly destination' is Blue/Green rather than =
-When Silk and the others saw the Whorl from outside, it simply appeared =
as a bright spot in the Sky. Tzadkiel's ship would appear the same, =
depending on its distance from Blue/Green.
-There is no evidence of genetically engineered animals (destrier's etc) =
existing on Tzadkiels's ship, only the apported animals which are =
confined to the crew's zoo. Genetically engineered animals could have =
been introduced to Urth by the Hierodules after the launching of the =
-Its true that Jonas and Sidero differ in ways from the Chems of the =
Whorl, but there are a variety of Chems that are constructed differently =
and serve different purposes. Contrast Maytera Marble with a Talos.
-Why do you believe the Whorl travels slower than the speed of light? I =
don't see this indicated anywhere. Arguments about the date when the =
Whorl was launched and when Typhon reigned don't apply if the Whorl =
travels as fast as Tzadkiel's ship.
-The Chrasmologic Writings contain French and Latin because, A: Its a =
religious writing. B: It was written and the Whorl was launched far =
before Severian's time. Also, Latin is extant in Severian's day, along =
with Greek and Spanish.
-Chems wouldn't be found on Urth at all if they were invented on board =
the Ship. Reference Sidero's claims concerning this. Jonas was an =
exception, and he clearly came from the Ship rather than Urth.
QvN r?zgv =1C&?=1A?? w


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