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From: "Jeff Veyera" 
Subject: RE: (urth) Generational Starship?
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2003 09:55:04 -0700

I don't believe Tzadkiel travels via a solar sail, but through a =
principle similar to Father Inire's mirrors (which, not incidentally, =
Severian compares the "sails" to during his walk outside the ship).  =
This is also consistent with the theory offered as to where the apports =
come from, and of Briah and Yesod as different universes.

In short, is it not reasonable to view Tzadkiel as a hyperspace ship =
traveling between universes, and Whorl as a spaceship traveling within =
one universe? =20


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From: Ashley Crill [mailto:ashley.crill@student.oc.edu]
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Subject: (urth) Generational Starship?

teflon wrote:
>I think we're missing something here.  Tzadkiel wasn't a simple =
spaceship.  It crossed the gap between universes, between Briah and =
Yesod. =20

>Whorl never left Briah, as I understand it.  It simply traversed normal =
space between stars.  If it had been capable of >hyperspace, it no doubt =
not have been a generational starship. =20

Tzadkiel's ship didn't have some mystical means of transportation. It =
simply sailed. The refernces to it the Ship swimming in and out of the =
streams of time simply means that it travels faster than the speed of =
light. In Urth page 186 Gunny says: "The ship's leaving eternity now, =
slowing down so the tender can find her. Until she slows down, she isn't =
really a ship at all, did you know? We're like a wave, or a shout going =
through the universe." This is a clear description of faster-than-light =
Also note that the two universes Yesod and Briah are made of the same =
stuff. Energy pours from Yesod to Briah through white fountains, but its =
the same energy. For a ship to sail between the two doesn't necessarily =
require something other than "a simple spaceship". Who says the Whorl is =
"a simple spaceship" anyway?
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