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From: "James Wynn" 
Subject: Re: (urth) silk's clean plate
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 17:11:09 -0500


This is my third attempt at sending this email. Each time I've said, "oh
what's the point" but every time I see your post sitting in my Inbox I start
again. Since you have recently posted that you are re-reading LS, I presumed
with typical narcissism that you are simultaneously considering the validity
of my arguments for Hyacinth being Molybdenum, Silk's Mother, and Tussah. So
I'll add one more angle that I didn't mention before.

I think the tomatoes are made such a big deal of in LS because the love Silk
that does not extend to Rose is very important thematically. Marble/Rose
told Silk that the reason Rose hated him was because she could see how he
was repulsed by her (chem) prostheses. So it is Silk's ironic damnation to
fall in love with Hyacinth, a chem with biological prostheses -- actually
the same chem (Molybdenum) in both cases. Note that Hy can subtly change her
face and does so to make herself look more like Poppy -- so perhaps she
still has those chem facial implements beneath the skin of her face.

It all fits sooo nicely. Except for Hyacinth's father with whom I have no
idea what to do. :T

Anyway, I'd like to know if you come up with anything.

James (Crush) Wynn


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