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From: "Greg Neyman" <Greg.Neyman@gte.net>
Subject: (whorl) more questions
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 20:06:56 

Thanks for answering Peter.  Anybody have any ideas on Silk tracing circles
on his cheek?

Anyhoop, where did the Whorl get it's energy from?  At first, I thought the
Whorl was an interstellar ramjet, collecting hydrogen with and electro
magnetic funnel, which if fused in its long sun, and expelling the helium
for propulsion.  But ramjets have to be moving to work, and a) something
would have had to accelerate the whorl in the first place, and b) it turns
out that Whorl sat in the blue/green system for several years, which would
have made any ramjet inoperable.
    Which leads to the next question: how did the whorl propel itself?

    Another question ... if chems had personal fusion packs to power
themselves (when General mint charges in Calde, she swings her azoth, and
the book describes how it goes through a soldier's fusion core), why did
things like taluses and floaters still rely on fish oil, presumably for
internal-combustion engines?

    That's it for now ... more as I think of them ... if these answers are
in the archives, and I've overlooked them .. I'm sorry ...
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