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From: Patri10629@aol.com
Subject: (whorl) Re: Nova Express Wolfe issue
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 07:10:26 EST

This from Lawrence Person:

Patrick: Please relay this if you would.

Thanks to all the members of the Whorl list who have sent in for issues.
I'm now down to exactly six good copies of the Gene Wolfe issue left. After
that, I have another six copies with two of the pages misprinted that I'll
provide photocopied erratta sheets for. After that, you're out of luck. A
single postpaid copy is $4 (or as part of a 4 issue subscription for $12,
or an 8 issue subscription for $20). Send to: Nova Express, P.O. Box 27231,
Austin, Texas, 78755.

Next issue: A slipstream symposium and an interview with Dan Simmons. Cheers!

Lawrence Person
Lame Excuse Books
P.O. Box 27231
Austin, Texas   78755

Terms: Check, wait clear. Returnable within 10 days in the same condition
for any reason. US Shipping: $4 for the first book, plus $1 for each
additional book.

New Catalog Available Now!
Nova Express Web Site: http://www.delphi.com/sflit/novaexpress/
"Crucifixion Variations" in the May Asimov's

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