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From: Peter Grimes <grimes@waste.org>
Subject: (whorl) Reference to new sun books?
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 00:20:48 

I just finished rereading the Long Sun books (iteration #2 for me) and a
particular passage happened to catch my eye as a possible TBONS reference.
Its on page 255 of Exodus (paperback), about 8 paragraphs into Chapter 12
(I'm Auk).

Anyway, Silk has woken up the morning after his wedding (and enlightenment
#2 as we later discover) and there are a list of things that he sees in
some sort of out of body experience (could this be the enlightenment

All of the things are very clearly identifiable except for two:

'- a ragged child weeping on a mattress of straw.'

and later

'- a madman among tombs, holwing that the sun would die.'

The first could be any child in the Orilla.  The second however, seems a
bit odd.  Now it is certainly possible that the second refers to the
Whorl.  After all, we have found out (or find out later, I can't recall)
that Mainframe is considering turning off the sun, at least temporarily.
However, I really like the idea that the madman is someone on Urth
(perhaps even Severian?).  Of course, I don't recall Severain 'howling
among tombs' at any time.

Any comments? (I don't think this has been previously discussed.  At least
I hope I'm not trading old ground).

(Has anyone taken this name yet?)

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