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From: stilskin@sff.net
Subject: (whorl) Delurk + Comment
Date: 3 Aug 2000 06:43:57 

Hi all!

I've enjoyed lurking about for the last few months and reading everyone's take on this supremely fascinating and frustrating writer!

Regarding a comment by Emrys:

>In fact, I think that OBW and IGJ can be seen as 
>therapy ...

I recently saw Wolfe at Readercon on a panel about writing as therapy.  He had some interesting if generalized things to say, the most memorable of which was that he preferred to "stay down in the basement with the demons" rather than seek some sort of therapeutic "cure" (whatever that would entail; I don't mean to speculate) through his writing.  I would speculate, however, that for Wolfe the act of writing has less to do with therapy (in its degraded contemporary sense) and more with a spiritual struggle towards an understanding and communication of religious faith.

Anyway, I'm glad of those demons in the basement, and hope he doesn't exorcise them any time soon!

Falcon (if it's not taken, that is!)

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