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From: "Dennis G. Berdanis" <endymion9@mindspring.com>
Subject: (whorl) IGJ Spoilers
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 21:07:06 

Just finished this tonight.  Like any of the New Sun, Long Sun, Short Sun
books I almost hate to finish it.  It's like parting with a dear friend
who's been with me the last couple of weeks.

Green Thoughts:

I like the idea others have presented of the secret of the inhumi being not
just be kind to other humans but to the inhumi.  I also like the idea that
the more they drink of human blood the more human they become.

However, both Fava and Jahlee expressed desires to actually become human so
I don't think that can be *the* secret or they would want Horn to tell it
and not fear becoming human.

I keep getting the feeling, like others here, that Krait's mother drinking
Sinew's blood affected Sinew as much as Krait.  Did she steal part of
Sinew's soul?  Many here seem to think that Sinew is not as bad as Horn
imagines and that it is Horn's guilt that portrays him that way.  What if
Sinew lost his goodness to Krait and even had some of the badness Krait's
mother had received from other human victims put into him?

Concerning Pas.  I had a strange thought pop in my head in the last 30 pages
or so of IGJ.  Perhaps I am way off base and some of you will easily point
it out to me.  First off I admit I've never totally understood what it means
for Severian "to bring the new sun."  I've also always wondered why Wolfe
would take a character like Typhon and make him the savior of
humanity/creator of the whorl.  Is it possible that when Severian killed
Typhon he ate his brain and drank the albano?? (can't remember the name)
brain juice and thus became Typhon/Pas?  Could Severian be Pas?  Perhaps
this had been conjectured here before and I've missed it.

Green questions??

Do you think that the Neighbors left the planet and return through some
advanced machine or mental means or are they all dead and only their ghosts
remain?  It seemed like at different points in the story both were implied.

Why did the Neighbors imply that *they* needed the waterway unclogged?  Was
it just to teach Horn a lesson or did they really have a need to clear the
waterway and why?

Does Fava live on in Green dreams or did her existence end when Horn's dream
of Green did?

Why did Horn never use the dream travel to go to Seawrack or Nettle (where
he really wants to be)?

Wasn't the Long Sun beginning to run down and out of control at the end of
the Long Sun books?  How are people continuing to live there 25-30 years
later?  It seemed like the Sun would soon go out of control and
overheat/kill the crops and people at the end of the LS books to me.  Why
hasn't there been more of a mass exodus?


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